Charlotte’s Day, 4th May

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A gathering of excited family members of Peter Ryrie, the Ryrie and Faunce families, gathered at Queanbeyan Art Society on Saturday 4th May at 2.30pm to launch and welcome Charlotte Faunce Ryrie’s portrait to the Society’s Gallery. Peter Ryrie had commissioned in 1991 Shen Jiawei, just arrived from China after the Tiananmen Square incident, to paint his great Aunt Charlotte Ryrie, a much loved Ryrie family member.

Cr Tim Overall, Mayor QPRC and Nichole Overall, came to welcome Charlotte’s portrait and to commend and thank Peter Ryrie. Professor Tom Faunce spoke for the Faunce family, as Charlotte Faunce Ryrie was now back on the Riverbank at Queanbeyan East where she came as a child with her Father Captain Alured Tasker Faunce and her mother Elizabeth Mackenzie Faunce, later marrying Alexander Ryrie.

Artists Shen Jiawei was present and delighted to meet up with Peter Ryrie again, and to see the universal admiration for his painting of Charlotte.  The Snowy River Historical Society members came in force and joined with the Art Society members in celebrating a new home for Charlotte. The CWA Evening Branch of Queanbeyan excelled even themselves in providing a splendid and abundant afternoon tea which satisfied the happy crowd.

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