Art in the time of COVID-19

Now that all QAS activities are on hold and the Gallery is closed, this page is for members to share links to online art classes and activities. If you have any suggestions for useful weblinks for artists, please feel free to send them via the “Leave a Reply” Box at the bottom of this page.

March Links

SkillShare has online classes in Fine Art as well as other subjects. Here is a link to all of their FREE classes, but you have the option to become a member to access more.

PATREON Many artists from all over the world are offering online classes and tutoring to a wider audience. You’ll be directly helping these artists to supplement their creative income by signing up for a class. For example De Gillett has excellent online Mixed Media classes on offer. Just Google your favourite artist’s name + Patreon and see what’s on offer!

Colour In Your Life  the Australian Art TV show (now with online videos) with many Australian Artists sharing their work and knowledge in an informative and instructional way. Not a class, but an inspiration!

Free Instructional Videos on YouTube like those from American/Australian/Kiwi artist Andrew Tischler are also great for tips on technique and inspiration. Just search Other artist’s channels that have been recommended are: Schaefer Art, Albert Handell, Scott Naismith, John Lovett and Gerda Lipski. YouTube for your favourite art practice (e.g., Painting, Sketching, Etching, Mixed Media) and you’ll be sure to find something interesting.

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