Letter from the QAS Committee

From the Committee to our Queanbeyan Art Society members,

We hope everyone is well and staying home and safe  We send continued best wishes to you all for your continued safety and health.

We are especially mindful of our Queanbeyan Art Society members with family overseas, and in places where the virus is active, and our thoughts are with them as well.  We think of QAS members with family in essential local health and medical services, working to ensure best outcomes for all.

Thanks go to our National Health services, our Government leaders and other essential series for continuing with the necessary work they do.  It is a time to be quietly at home, helping ourselves and our country stay isolated in order to stop the spread of the virus.

QAS will continue to be closed as expected of us at this time.  The time to come back is unknown and in the future at this stage   We rely on advice from the Government and Health officials.

While we believe Art is essential, it is something we can still participate in at home.

Here is a list of World Museums collated by George. Happy searching.


Current Plans at QAS:  For Your Information

Monthly Exhibitions:  Remain cancelled

Workgroups: Remain cancelled. Tuesday Plein Air is continuing, BUT we are making art, our garden art, or other, AT HOME and sharing it by email to each other. Please email if you want to add your work to ours. 

Workshops:   The following are cancelled:

  •  June (Joe Cartwright Watercolour)
  • July (John Wilson Oil)
  • August (Tracy Miller  Macro Florals in Acrylic).

If isolation measures continue past mid-August, the viability of the remaining workshops will be considered then. 2021 will see as many of these workshops re-booked for QAS. 

The City Art Show: is under threat as well, however the final decision will be taken later. 

We continue to monitor Health and Government recommendations.
Please post your art to our Facebook Page or send it to me and I will do that for you. 

QAS members, we are very fortunate to have own building, workroom and gallery.  This relieves us of much worry and pressure at this time.   While no one can currently view the exhibition hanging now, we know that when we re-open the door the Society can bounce back into operation.

Hope you had a happy Easter,

Best Wishes, keep well,

QAS Committee 

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