Change of Pick Up and Drop-Off Dates

The pick up date for the current exhibition has been changed to  Saturday 3rd September instead of 27 August, so your paintings will now hang in the gallery for a week longer than usual. If you do need to collect your work on 27th August because it is to be exhibited elsewhere or whatever, it is OK to do so, but if it is convenient for you please leave it in the gallery until 3rd September.

Artwork for the “On the Fence”  exhibition may now be dropped off earlier, on Saturday 3rd September, if you are collecting your artwork.  It can also still be dropped off on Saturday 10th September as originally planned.  Artwork dropped off on the 3rd September will be stored in the workroom until the “On The Fence” exhibition begins, so please ensure it is accompanied by a copy of your entry paperwork. If you drop off work on 10th September, please bring it to the workroom entrance at the side of the gallery so we don’t disturb the Textile people.   

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